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Closed Beta 2 for MapleStory 2 Starts Soon!

LOS ANGELES — Nexon America today announced Closed Beta 2 for MapleStory 2 running from July 18 through August 1, 2018. New players and fans within the franchise can register now at mmoah.
As fine-tuning of MS2 Mesos continues, Closed Beta 2 will feature new content updates, control improvements and new World Quests for Maplers who require more RPG with their life!
Nexon is going to be offering multiple methods for enter Closed Beta 2, including:
    Monster Invasion Retweet Events: Social media events hosted inside official @PlayMaple2 Twitter channel where players are qualified to win beta keys;
    Tria’s Tournament: A website event is running from July 2 to July 12 with Buy MS2 Mesos special in-game rewards for participants who elect favorite class and share their results. Select participants with this tournament is for sure to get use of Closed Beta 2;
    Razer Partnership: Razer, a worldwide leader in connected devices and software for gamers, can provide fans with beta code giveaways.
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