Ascend, Battle, Marry, Repeat

MapleStory, the 2D side-scrolling MMORPG from Nexon, is becoming a whole new dose of content this month while using Ascension update. As the first update hitting Maple World following MS2 Mesos the summer Chaos onslaught, Ascension will introduce players to brand-new party quests, class rebalances and also a dazzling new Monster Park, which invites players levels 20 and above to party up and battle with an assault of Maple World fiends.
Hot within the heels of Chaos’ rampage through Buy MS2 Mesos, which introduced PVP, Ice Knight battle mode, a personality trait system plus more, Ascension will ramp up party quests for players itching to level up using guild mates.  Monster Park, that's owned and operated from the friendly and ambitious Speigelmann, swarms with monsters both familiar and new. Players who progress through the storyplot will learn that Speigelmann has ties to some with the most powerful monsters inside game, plus the park can be more precarious than initially believed.
Players will likely notice a great new revamp inside the Wedding system, turning it into much easier for players to tie the knot making use of their MapleStory lover. Once players make their vows, they can form teams and battle through Ascension’s brand-new party quests, which were balanced for additional efficient leveling.
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